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Lumen Radio 840-2220 : W-BACnet DIN

Lumen Radio

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Lumen Radio 840-2220 : W-BACnet DIN

The W-BACnet system replaces traditional cabling with a reliable wireless mesh network, simplifying installation and reducing time and costs. It enables easy retrofitting of existing devices, converting them to a wireless network, enhancing flexibility during installation and steady-state operation.

Key Features:

  • Instant Commissioning: Set up the network in minutes with three simple steps.
  • Mesh Network: Covers entire buildings, using a robust mesh infrastructure.
  • Extended Range: Up to 700 meters line-of-sight per hop, approximately 50-70 meters indoors.
  • Cognitive Coexistence: Ensures industrial-grade reliability and immunity to interference.
  • Self-Optimizing Network: Automatically finds the best paths for communication.
  • Modular Configuration: Supports individual baud rate settings for different devices.

System Overview:

The W-BACnet network includes a single Gateway and up to 100 Nodes. Connect the BACnet MS/TP controller via RS485 to the Gateway, and BACnet MS/TP devices via RS485 to the Nodes. Built on LumenRadio’s MiraMesh technology, the network offers self-forming and self-healing capabilities for device-to-device connectivity in building automation, HVAC control, lighting control, and industrial sensor networks.



Device Type:
W-BACnet Devices